Sheila Ivy Traister

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Hot Diner Patron (opp/Adrian Martinez)
Adrian Martinez
The Resident
O.R. Nurse (opp/Hillary Swank)
Antti J. Jokinen
Gossipy Woman #2
Christopher Neil
The 99’s (Motion Capture Animated Short)
Lt. Lola Peppers & Lt. Gardner
Howard Cook (UCD)
The Spy Next Door (2010)
Counter Lady
Counter Lady
Love Ranch (2009)
ICU Nurse
Taylor Hackford
Brothers (2010)
Marine Black Hawk Pilot
Jim Sheridan
Swing Vote
Vermont Reporter #1
Joshua Michael Stern
Aaron Woodley
Stained Glass Windows
Amy / Dialogue Editor / Assoc. Prod.
William Brown
Dr. Iris Jack
Troy Dauenbaugh
The Forever Gallery (30 min. short)
Meera, Starring
John Davis
Electric Scissors (30 min. short)
Rylan Strader
Tan Ling's Dream (animated)
Narration / Script Adaptation
Wesley E. Ramsey
Back Street Jane
Nicole, Starring
Ronnie Cramer
The Hitler Tapes
Ronnie Cramer
Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend
News Reporter, Guest Appearance
Ronnie Cramer
Kill Line
Robert H. Kim
He's Still There
Hafden Hussie
Gemini in the Shadow of Darkness
Hostess, Introducing
Kirti Bajwa


The Gift
Yuka Lead’s Best Friend
Scott Cervine
Doc West (Miniseries)
Mrs. Shintai (Recurring)
Julio Base & Terrence Hill / Italy
Easy Money: "DNA"
Mona Yapp (#101 Recurring)
Alik Sakharov / CW
In Plain Sight: "Hoosier Daddy"
Judge Arlene Holiday (# 102)
John Fortenberry / USA-NBC
Wildfire: "The More Things Change"
Wanda (#'s 4001 - 02)
Bradford May / ABC Family
Prowler (Pilot)
Pete's Wife (Recurring)
Peter Bogdanovich / CBS
Asteroid (Miniseries)
Red Cross Woman
Bradford May / NBC
Crash: The Mystery of Flight 1501 (also: Aftermath
Georgia Kim
Philip Saville / NBC Movie
On the Line
Traffic Reporter / Stunt Helicopter
Elodie Keene / ABC Movie
Dying to Be Perfect
Jan Egleson / ABC Movie
A Child's Cry for Help
Sandor Storm / ABC Movie
Perry Mason: (3) Episodes
All Supporting
Christian I. Nyby, II (3)
Father Dowling: (2) Episodes
All Supporting
Charles S. Dubin, Sharron Miller & Alan Cooke
Financial News Network: OTC America
News Anchor / Co-Host
Anton Delgado / FNN


Oh My God!
Richard Pegg Theatre Or, Mizel Art Center
Coffee, Tea or … ? (Short Play, Playwright)
Sheila Ivy Traister AndTotoToo/PlayCrawl
Two Things You Don’t … (World Premiere)
Kimiko Greenberg (Understudy)
Wendy Goldberg Denver Center Theatre
99 Histories
Terry Dodd TEA ~ Vintage Theatre
The Blue Room
Lead ('Best Actress' Westword)
Nick Sugar / Phoenix Theatre
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf
Martha ('Best Actress' Westword)
Jeffrey Nickelson / Shadow
Playback Theatre West (Improv/Psychodrama)
Company Member (3yrs+)
Public / Private / Corporate / Touring
Dest. Freedom Black Radio Days: Death of Aesop
Oracle / Charwoman /Male Page
Donnie Betts / KUVO (Live Radio)
Dest. Freedom Black Radio Days: Story of 1875
Voice of the Year 1875
Donnie Betts / KUVO (Live Radio)
Dest. Freedom Black Radio Days: Poet in Bronzevill
Mrs. Winters / Mrs. Mitchell
Donnie Betts / KUVO (Live Radio)
Dest. Freedom Black Radio Days: The Long Road
Narrator Mary Church/ Women of Rochester
Donnie Betts / KUVO (Live Radio)
The Mikado
School Girl / Chorus
Bev Newcomb / Town Hall Arts Cntr
Tribe, Vocal Soloist
Peter Goldfarb / Boulder Theatre
West Side Story
Jim Malcolm / Armstrong Theatre
A Carol's Christmas (New Musical Revue)
Tom Kimball / Denver Center
The Goat Singers (New Musical)
Scott Lewis / The Changing Scene
The Dramatization of Richard Warren (New Play)
Dennis Bontems / Changing Scene
Break (New Play)
Emma, Lead
Andrea Edwards / Changing Scene
Charlotte's Web
Kim Smith / Aurora Fox Theatre
The Reluctant Dragon
Kim Smith / Aurora Fox Theatre
Slow Dance With A Hot Pick-Up
Maysie (World Premiere Musical)
Nancy Robillard Boulder Dinner Theatre


Commercials & Industrials: Film, Television, Radio
Demo / List Upon Request


ACTING: Gary Austin (Improv); Greg Itzin, John Walcutt, Jeannie Hackett; Ted Post (UCLA/DGA); Bobbi Chance; Mark Travis; Paula Shaw; Dan Fauci; Tony Sheppard; Fern Orenstein
Los Angeles Based
ACTING: Jonathan Fox (Psychodrama/Playback); Phillip Le Strange; Susan Scudder & Jane Brody
New York & Chicago Based
ACTING: Anne Penner (View Points); Mare Tevathan (Suzuki); Sclar-Lockwood (Meisner); Lee Massaro; Norm Silver
Denver Based
VOICE (Musical Belt and Legit): Ethie Friend (Roy Hart); Bob Downard; Scott Martin
DANCE: Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Hustle, Basic Latin & Ballroom
Denver & Colorado College
Director's Institute, Drama, Voice, Ballet, Jazz, Modem Dance, Liberal Arts
Colorado College
Math, Science, Mechanical Engineering, Military Studies, Pistol Team
USAF Academy
Disbursement Accounting Spec. (High Honors), M-16 Training, Top Secret Clearance
USAF Tech School, Sheppard AFB, TX
Student Pilot: 50 Hours Low Fixed Wing Single Engine Aircraft - Solo
Tech Aero Service, Bedford, MA

special skills

Improv; Dialects & Character Voices; Dancer; Singer; Spokesperson/Host; The EAR; Tele-prompter; Acting & Life Coach; Script Consultant; Make-Up Artist; Commercial/Fashion Print Model
Natural Athlete; Equestrian; Firearms; Animal Lover/Trainer; Public Speaker; Certified Mediator; Restaurateur/Cook; Fire Eater; Board Breaker; Student Pilot (solo); Etch-A-Sketch Artist